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Working closely, getting to know and relate to clients is what makes Ergo the kind of partner you want for your business.

We get to know your business, your products and services, your markets, your clients, your customers, your suppliers, your competitors, your margins, your business model and your ambitions. 

Once we have that in mind, we work closely with you on a plan that fits your business. 

Case Studies

Luxury Travel: Nautilus Sailing

It may have started as a conversation about SEO, but with so much potential it was clear that if the leads worked, we could push much harder.

With a clear focus on lead generation, Nautilus has trusted us to build three websites, manage all online Advertising, build their Organic traffic, produce content and advise their use of technology.

It’s been an amazing adventure so far, with more to come.

Industrial Products: HCL

HCL has built it’s core business on the fabrication of high-quality polymer clamps and clips.

We connected in 2019 and were pitched a bigger vision for the company: global growth, higher-ticket projects and more products.

We’ve worked closely with the senior team helping them fulfil their ambitions step-by-step through the last few years. Increasing channels and reach and, as importantly, helping them with their technology to sustain great customer service whilst managing growth.

Technology Pioneer: Domin

From a standing start, Ergo worked closely with the senior management team of Domin to drive their marketing and sales plans through their various digital channels.

This involved a wide range of integrated solutions to support the sales and marketing functions.

Design and coding of two separate websites, branding and digital media and use of low-code platforms to help a fast-growing technical business cope with constant change and optimisation.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Unloq

Having worked alongside each other for the last ten years, we have developed an extensive and deep understanding of the mergers and acquisitions space. It is this knowledge that plays a key role in how we collaborate.

We know the kinds of phrases that create quality traffic to the site, we know the messaging that persuades visitors to enquire and we’ve worked very closely with Unloq on the entire value chain – not just sales but also fulfilment of services – to equip the company to grow without diluting quality and values.

Commercial Real Estate

Ergo has worked closely with this client for many years and has helped with a wide range of marketing.

We led the initial branding of the business as it was a merger of two pre-existing property companies, we developed a website which pushes WordPress to the max, and built websites for some of the other brands in their portfolio.

Driving over ten thousand visitors to the website every month, we have developed a pipeline of business which helps them stay ahead of the competition.

Engineering Services: Toynbee Associates

An innovative, entrepreneurial engineering firm appointed us to establish Toynbee Associates as one of the South East’s premier engineering practices.

By improving their branding and website, driving enquiries into the business and also using our skills in CRM and technology, we have helped them step up across the board.

Whether managing party wall awards, producing extension calculations or helping with building surveys, we have helped them develop a framework for efficient responsive client service and a platform for growth. They are using technology we customised to drive efficiencies throughout the entire company.

Specialist Recruitment: Technical Resources

The transition to a new website has given Ergo the opportunity to support one of the UK’s leading specialist recruitment firms. They have always had the capability to manage successful recruitment processes, but they just needed help building their pipeline.

Having helped refine the messaging, structure and layout of the new website, we are now the key driver of traffic and conversions through their website. Helping them build a strong flow of both candidates and roles in their specialist sectors so they can fulfil both their aim as well as their clients’ ambitions.

Green Energy: Chargebase

We had previously worked with the management team of Chargebase. So when they came to setting up their businesses, they were already switched on to what we can do.

We were challenged us to brand, build and grow their business, again working closely with them and adapting as they developed.

From a fast start, we have continued to shape their marketing and promotional efforts to help them build successful strategies. Working with them has been electric!

Outdoor Play: Gardenatics

Involved from the very early stages of this company, we helped shape the business as it grew from mainly supplying and installing existing play structures to becoming one of the leading bespoke garden designers in the country.

Focusing on a very responsive service, and the ability to recommend and shape solutions for specific gardens and families, Gardenatics’ strategy has always been customer-centric and driven by working closely with us: branding, design, websites, CRM, design platforms and pricing.

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