Technical Resources

Recruitment Rank Up

A new website is always an opportunity, but also a challenge to retain existing rankings and then build from there. Working closely with the client, we set to work on the site from an early stage advising on content, site structure and producing a thorough keyword audit.

As the site was prepared for launch, we updated the metadata, titles and tags, reviewed the internal linking, and the website was successfully launched, immediately seeing traffic and rankings improvements.

Lead Generation Technical Resources

Recruiting Leads

We’re familiar working for clients with complex audience requirements. For Technical Resources it is a constant balancing act between job candidates and employers. If you don’t have enough flow of each, then the business struggles.

We helped them create specific sections with unique messages for each audience to give them the best chance of generating leads. Each section is then tracked independently so that we can get the client to candidate ratio just right.

Complex Candidate

With five different types of lead, and several marketing channels, and a brand new website, we needed to work really carefully to knit together the best tracking solution to account for the cost of inbound.
Then, working with the client, we can also place a value on each type of lead, to ensure that we continue to drive value to both our client, their recruiters and future candidates.

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