CRM Integration – No, it’s not just a Customer Database! It’s a Growth Driver

If you treat your CRM Integration merely as a store of information then you’ll never see the value in having one. It will seem like an extra chore and adoption will remain low.

We help clients select the right CRM, and set it up not just to store, but to drive business: both new as well as repeat business, and for it to become the core of your customer strategy.

Achieve Growth That Works

Examples Of Our CRM Work

CRM Toynbee Associates

Building Business

The practice had just recruited a manager and was looking to bring together all their enquiries and proposals into one place. We recommended, configured and launched a CRM for them that gave them visibility over all their leads.

As they developed their services, and added to their team, we let them adapt and shape the process to remain ahead of the pack.

Good Prospects

With a growing sales team, and a range of clients and business partners with differing demands, we needed to not only store records, but also to drive the business forward.

We set up the various Opportunities, Tasks, Tracks and Tags to match the way in which the business went about the value chain and to segment their prospects and customers. We imported all the data from their previous CRM to track and store everything. We helped with adoption, and now no lead or opportunity goes to waste.

CRM Unloq
CRM HCL Fasteners

Attached to Clients

With an increasingly global customer base, a broad range of client needs, and a growing internal team overseeing proposals and quotations, HCL were in need of consolidation.

We helped them bring together all their prospects and clients in one place and recommended ways of segmenting the customer base. They are quoting more often, more quickly and closing more business and, by attaching the CRM to their email platform, also being able to build more repeat business.

Achieve Growth That Works

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