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Video content is the most costly creative media for business, and yet, arguably, the most wasteful. The reason is that not enough attention is given to the purpose of the video, and to measure the value returned.

A short sting would often work better than a long-form video in, say, LinkedIn. And yet we see 2+ minute videos used even if they are never finished. Another failing is where well ‘shot’ interviews fail to use subtitles, different angles or to break up the mundanity with video and graphical illustration.

Because we are a commerical agency, focused on client growth, we start with the end in mind: what is the outcome we want for our clients? And then we make a video to suit.

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Examples Of Our Video Work

Video Unloq

It's a Big Deal

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, clarity of message and presentation is paramount. We worked closely with the client, writing a script, choosing a voice-over artist, stitching together images, video and illustrations.

The two videos were short enough to share on social media, but professional enough to take pride of place on the website – raising the profile and credibility of Unloq and with more to come.

Another Level

How best to display some of the finest tree houses and climbing frame builds in the UK? We used a combination of close-up and drone footage to showcase Gardenatics’ custom builds.

It makes the website stand out, differentiating from the competition and justifying the quality and value on display. It has helped them continue to win new clients across England and Wales looking for that premium option.

Video Gardenatics
Video Nautilus Sailing

Set Sail

With such an amazing range of locations, catamarans and experiences, Nautilus gives us an extravagant range of media to work with. Yet, we never forget the purpose.

High-quality enquiries booking premium courses to learn how to become a skipper. That’s what it’s all about.

Achieve Growth That Works

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