• The Case for Thinking Smart… Phones

    We think it must have happened sometime this year… a sudden realisation that after all the unnecessary wastage of effort (and marketing spend) on WAP and Apps – yes, you know who you are a...

  • Apple, Adobe and the Phoney Flash Wars

    Even if you don’t work in digital circles, you cannot fail to have noticed one of the big corporate spats from recent times kick off in ‘The Flash Wars’. If you don’t know what...

  • Gamification – You Know The Score!

    Yes, it’s another horrible made-up word… ‘Gamification’  which already has a Wikipedia page, and is likely, in due course to enter one or more English language dictionaries. W...

  • Google Instant ‘Coffee’

    Just like the instant version of coffee, Google Instant has ‘freeze dried’ the flavour of search and reformed it in a more immediate format. But, just like instant coffee, what you get is ...

  • Google Opens Up for Legitimate Brand Ads

    You can read the full ruling from Google here, but finally a triumph of sense over solicitors. For most, the above page is a dull footnote in the ocean of Google blog posts, but for those using Adword...

  • Invest in Your Website First

    One of the challenges many businesses have  is how to view the Internet – and yet in many respects there is much to be learnt from the real world and applied to Internet activity. Real World Le...

  • The Tree Surgeon and the Leylandii

    Just the other day the MD was with a tree surgeon in his back garden. A Leylandii needed cutting, again… and we were chatting about his work. The surgeon said: “The amount of these £$*%£...

  • 5 Top Mistakes to Avoid in S.E.O.

    The ‘art’ of SEO is discussed a lot… but the main issue that is often avoided, which is: ‘is it worth it?’ In this article we tackle this question and offer up the five b...

  • 5 Checks: Is Your Site Passive or Active?

    A passive site is a website which doesn’t work in the content of the site to develop new opportunities for business growth. It lacks offers, calls to action, links and marketing messages and, as...

The iceberg theory and your path to success

At Ergo Digital, we are fully focused on your bottom line. We care about sales and growth figures and we
want to see them growing rapidly by adopting the right digital strategies.

Why? Because your success is our success, but it doesn't happen accidentally nor at the push of a button

Digital success is like an iceberg: 80% of the important stuff you don't actually see!

However, we believe that it is more important to get the background stuff right because without full
attention being paid to it, front-end design is merely superficial.

We believe that business success is achieved through the power of hundreds of small wins where every little
gain makes a measurable difference to your bottom line.

Ergo Digital - Demand more from digital

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