Nautilus Sailing

Launching an international sailing brand

About Nautilus Sailing

Nautilus Sailing is a successful niche sailing training company operating in the Pacific, Caribbean and
Colorado. Offering award-winning training holidays to help customers have the best possible experience in
gaining sailing accreditation. Having achieved a plateau of success, Nautilus were struggling to grow their
business, which is when they came to use to help them achieve more.

How we helped them to grow more

We saw two immediate clear ‘wins’ firstly by taking over their online advertising, we were able to optimise
their advertising delivery, keywords and landing pages.

Secondly we needed to give them a website which would convert more visitors. Fortunately, they bought
into our vision, and we worked closely with them delivering a strategy which has more than tripled their turnover and, with new pricing, increased profitability even further.

Cheaper enquiries, more conversions, greater margins – a heady mix for this healthy client business planning for an exciting future.

The keys to their success

We helped Nautilus Sailing grow...

  • 10 times as many leads for the same cost

    10 times as many leads for the same cost

    10 times as many leads for the same cost

At $70 a lead the company still operated. At $7 a lead, the business is supercharged. More business, greater margins, more growth. Now that’s some marketing mix.

  • 3.5x increase in turnover

    3.5x increase in turnover

    3.5x increase in turnover

Growth for any business can be challenging, but we’ve helped accelerate the growth by making the profit comes first. They just been able to raise the jib and mainsail and go for it.

We have been amazed at how fast and consistent our business growth has been since engaging Ergo Digital. We now are running courses from five locations throughout the year and have been able to invest in new facilities, yachts and services.

Tim Geisler, CEO, Nautilus Sailing

The iceberg theory and your path to success

At Ergo Digital, we are fully focused on your bottom line. We care about sales and growth figures and we
want to see them growing rapidly by adopting the right digital strategies.

Why? Because your success is our success, but it doesn't happen accidentally nor at the push of a button

Digital success is like an iceberg: 80% of the important stuff you don't actually see!

However, we believe that it is more important to get the background stuff right because without full
attention being paid to it, front-end design is merely superficial.

We believe that business success is achieved through the power of hundreds of small wins where every little
gain makes a measurable difference to your bottom line.

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