Website Conversion Optimisation – 6 Top Tips

conversion-optimisation-tipsAs you fight to increase profit and opportunity, you know that every little improvement helps to increase conversions on your website.

Here are our top six areas where, if you apply these conversion ideas to your website, you can boost your sales, drive more leads and grow your business opportunity.

1. Reduce Choice

The first basic mistake that most websites make is that they, even though they have a simple goal (for example to purchase one or more items, or to make an enquiry), seem to do everything in their power to reduce the presence of this option.

The most common mistakes is to fill the page with lots of choice, links and options, but in doing so, you are actually reducing the chances of that visitor choosing the most important option – namely to actually convert on your site.

So, limit the options and make your preferred action the most apparent link or next step in the page.

2. Reduce Steps

Another way to guarantee lower conversions is by making a process easier. There are many websites which make it as difficult as possible to convert because there are so many pages for the visitor to go through.

Many of these could be tackled with a better conversion path, dynamic forms or just logical thinking through. The fewer steps, the less opportunity for someone to exit the process and therefore the greater the chance of success.

3. More Than One Way to the Preferred Goal

Now you see it. Now you don’t… that’s the trouble with the dynamic menu bar. It’s all very well to think that it will be used, it certainly will by some visitors. But others won’t see it at all, and if they can’t see the options available then they can miss what they’re looking for, even if it exists on the website.

There is good reason why even the largest commerce sites don’t just settle for top navigation, but have crumb trails, filters, category suggestions, section and footer links, it’s because they know that every visitor is valuable and want, wherever possible, to help them find what they’re looking for.

You should do the same to boost your conversions and increase web sales!

4. Understand Your Priorities

Your site, whatever it is, has a sequence of priorities for your success. First and foremost it is some kind of ‘conversion’ – sale or enquiry. You need, therefore, to make sure that this option and choice for the customer is signposted from all pages on your site

Too often websites force visitors to go to the contact page to get a phone number or address, or have a blog or content pages with little or no integration with their products and offers.

However, there is also another important point to make here… if you can’t sell, then can you get some kind of alternative buy-in? Perhaps a newsletter sign up or at least some kind of engagement like a Twitter follow?

5. Only Ask for What You Need

When it comes to conversion, also keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t be led by the need to grab data as this can come at a later stage.

Why do many business to business websites forms ask for so much more information than is needed? Mainly because they are process-driven. However, if you’re going to follow up with a phone call, then surely that is the time to ask for address, alternative phone numbers, and company details. And, just don’t bother with asking for data you just don’t need – if it doesn’t help you then you’re just reducing opportunity further.

Why do shopping sites force people to register? Let them pay and go. If you’ve programmed it correctly then you will receive most of their data and can setup an account for their return. Arm-twisting doesn’t work with the online customer.

6. Give Users Confidence

Finally, when it comes to your site, you need to demonstrate visibly why they should use your services. For consumer sites this means guarantees, warranties, security and customer reviews. For business sites this means testimonials, addresses, case studies and evidence of your performance and success.

Too many websites are let down because they believe everything is in place, but questions remain in the minds of the visitors which go unanswered.

So, take these six ideas to boost your website conversions and use them to take a critical look at your current site, our guess is that you could improve it today.

Or, if you want a hand, just call Ergo on 01962 605 000 and we’ll help you out.