Customer engagement, flexibly determined

firm_gains_360Firm Gains, an independent online resource for business owners thinking of selling their business, looked to Ergo to help automate their initial customer correspondence.

The decision when to trigger an email was formalised and based on; events (pre-determined dates) customer segmentation (value of the business) or duration (time since last correspondence). As the outcomes (the content of the emails) could also be determined, Firm Gains were able to create highly-polished natural, two-way communication with the option of appropriate intervention where needed.


Intelligent email marketing at the flick of a switch

SEO of Car Automotive WebsiteCarQuake, a website designed to bring car dealer offers and car buyers together, wanted a way of building a strong customer database with minimal effort.

Harnessing the expertise of Ergo, they were able to devise a naturalised email campaign which was fully automated. Intelligent, dynamic and interactive with an in-built ability to track its own performance, it enabled CarQuake to make every customer interaction count and increased two-fold the likelihood of offers being accepted.


Generating traffic is great, increasing sales is better

Your website visitors are merely browsers and it needs a lot of application and optimisation to convert interest into purchase or commitment. You need to focus on your conversion funnel and work on design, content and messaging to help every visitor get 'over the line'.

Increasing conversions doesn’t just happen automatically, nor is it a linear process. As devices, audiences and seasons change, you need to be versatile and remain focused on the bottom line.

One sale can generate a lifetime of opportunity

Looking after leads and customers is critical for any business, yet how can you be sure that you don't let leads slip through your fingers, or customers' interest wane over time?

The modern marketer needs help to keep on top of their business opportunities which is why we now help most with adding a string of tools to their armoury. We can help you achieve a much more profitable future.

The iceberg theory and your path to success

At Ergo Digital, we are fully focused on your bottom line. We care about sales and growth figures and we
want to see them growing rapidly by adopting the right digital strategies.

Why? Because your success is our success, but it doesn't happen accidentally nor at the push of a button

Digital success is like an iceberg: 80% of the important stuff you don't actually see!

However, we believe that it is more important to get the background stuff right because without full
attention being paid to it, front-end design is merely superficial.

We believe that business success is achieved through the power of hundreds of small wins where every little
gain makes a measurable difference to your bottom line.

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