Auto-mated matchmaking courtesy of Ergo Digital

When CarQuake started working with Ergo, they weren’t aware that our technology software, Omny Link, enables them to get so much more from their marketing.

Like being able to automate a reverse-auction between their car dealers and their customers’ leads. These leads are automatically sent to CarQuake’s dealers, with the first three responders offered the chance to bid for that customer’s business. Being able to automate this way enables CarQuake to do much more with less, and has improved the efficiency of their business immensely.

SEO of Car Automotive Website

Start the conversation with your customers, automatically!

When Firm Gains, a recognised leader in the business sales sector, were looking for a way to establish an automated dialogue with their new customers, Ergo digital stepped in. We pulled together their CRM with the Decision part of our unique cloud-based software and voila! Email automation (or SMS or tweets) as the flick of a switch.


And the unique decision architecture allowed Firm Gains total flexibility on deciding the rules of engagement: Like being able to segment the customer type, what preferences they have and what they’re interested in receiving, the last time they received any correspondence, and so forth.

And the more sophisticated and targeted the correspondence, the more likely customers will respond positively to your overtures. Thus Firm Gains were able to manage almost all of their email marketing automatically, without recourse to increasing head count. The best of both worlds you could say.

Generating traffic is great, increasing sales is better

Your website visitors are merely browsers and it needs a lot of application and optimisation to convert interest into purchase or commitment. You need to focus on your conversion funnel and work on design, content and messaging to help every visitor get 'over the line'.

Increasing conversions doesn’t just happen automatically, nor is it a linear process. As devices, audiences and seasons change, you need to be versatile and remain focused on the bottom line.

Traffic generation is far from accidental

Once you have built a great website, or app, then the hard work starts. Traffic is not accidental, nor automatic, nor ‘free’. Even if you use get some rankings, to really experience growth, you need to invest in generating high quality visitors and leads from as many effective sources as possible.

So, how can you make people aware your business? To visit your website? To sign up to a newsletter? To fill out a form? To buy from you? The trick is to use an experienced specialist.

The iceberg theory and your path to success

At Ergo Digital, we are fully focused on your bottom line. We care about sales and growth figures and we
want to see them growing rapidly by adopting the right digital strategies.

Why? Because your success is our success, but it doesn't happen accidentally nor at the push of a button

Digital success is like an iceberg: 80% of the important stuff you don't actually see!

However, we believe that it is more important to get the background stuff right because without full
attention being paid to it, front-end design is merely superficial.

We believe that business success is achieved through the power of hundreds of small wins where every little
gain makes a measurable difference to your bottom line.

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