Engineering Services: Toynbee Associates

  • Launched a new website structured for growth and lead generation
  • Focused SEO campaign targeting specific high-value services yielding a doubling of Organic in 6 months
  • Targeted local Ads campaigns tripled monthly inbound enquiries
  • Assisted in developing and implementing a new CRM to improve sales conversion rates
  • Provided support in using Airtable to enable internal project management software
  • Supported the communication strategy and integration of an acquired structural surveying firm
  • Supporting the company in the long-term rebranding of the practice



” We have been working with the team at Ergo for the last 18 months from the inception of a new website and implementation of a CRM platform to optimization of our sales processes. We can grow and exploit its sales leads, through conversion optimisation and creating new opportunities by raising market awareness of the brand across our service offerings.

“Their support on implementing in-house bespoke project management software through Airtable has seen our company increase our turnover by a whopping 31% on the previous year.

“Ergo is helping us with the integration of acquisitions of other firms. Working with us on the communication strategy for these acquisitions, the marketing of and the future rebranding of the firm as a whole. We’re looking forward to the next 18 months.”

Tristan Toynbee Founder and Director Toynbee Associates

Creatively Constructed

Structural engineering is a challenging sector to visually attract as well as get a message across. The process is dry, technical … and when being installed is just plain muddy.

However, the end result showcases the hard work that has gone before. Beautiful outcomes are the result of painstaking planning and meticulous production. We use imagery of the future to create that desire today.

Websites Toynbee Associates

From the Ground Up

How to prepare a structural engineering practice for growth? Firstly, make the website have real quality and impact. To communicate the values of the business as well as match the expectations of the target property owner and partners for the business.

The eventual site focuses on the outcome of working with our client, high-end solutions to reinvigorate homes to fit with a luxurious London and Home Counties lifestyle.

Building Business

The practice had just recruited a manager and was looking to bring together all their enquiries and proposals into one place. We recommended, configured and launched a CRM for them that gave them visibility over all their leads.

As they developed their services, and added to their team, we let them adapt and shape the process to remain ahead of the pack.

AI & Automations Toynbee Associates

Build Smarter

An engineering firm wanted to build business but also be equipped to grow. With a new practice manager in place who was committed to digital transformation, we integrated CRM, task management and project tracking systems to create a system that works for them.

It now tracks quotes, commissions business, pushes through deadlines, keeps clients aware of progress and helps them deliver high quality structural engineering projects on time and on brief.

Projects on Track

Toynbee has a range of project types with varied processes needing input from a number of internal stakeholders and external agencies. These complex workflows have different tasks, but need to be tracked and, critically, need to notify clients of progress.

We consulted with them on the process and set up a no-code platform to help them manage orders to fulfilment, ensuring they met their deadlines and were able to have full visibility on progress every step of the way.

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