How Google Killed the Broad Match Keyword…

Sometimes, even for the largest companies, adjustments and changes in one place can have unexpected consequences. Certainly, as the world’s largest advertising network continues to turn the screw on advertisers, the cracks are appearing. When we first started using Google Adwords, in the early days, it was clear that this was a gravy train for […]

Google’s new PPC features are loaded with AI

At Google’s San Francisco marketing conference, held in May, the internet super-corporation made some startling claims about the future of its AdWords tool. Of huge interest to anyone who engages in pay per click campaigns in the UK, the event – named Google Marketing Next – saw a number of innovations added to Google’s current […]

The bottom line – why nothing else (really, truly) matters

Lies, damn lies and statistics is a well known expression and whilst we don’t strictly adhere to the hostility of this line levelled at what is just an inert mathematical measure, it’s instructive that figures can get a bad rep if used in the wrong way. We’d like to outline why you need to sweep […]

Big data and the role of decision software

Even supercharged data has a job to do, and the job is always about a decision – so says a recent MIT article ¹ And who are we to argue. So whilst the value of decision software’s promise has never been in doubt, the application of such was a different matter entirely. So what’s changed? […]

Content Marketing Techniques: You Need to be Smart to Win!

We all know that technology develops seemingly at the speed of light, leaving those behind that don’t stay with the times. Of course, the same holds true for effective link-building and content marketing strategies on the internet. Recently, Matt Cutts of google declared that guest posting, one of the most popular forms of network building […]

How to Optimise Your Company Blog for Lead Generation Success

Carving out a niche for your company in today’s lead-generation is much more complicated than in the past, thanks to search engines’ complicated formulas and the array of technological marketing techniques available in a cutthroat marketing world. Luckily, there are a few ways you can optimize your website to receive a greater amount of traffic […]

Dangerous Mistakes in Email Marketing: How Your Business Could Flatline Before You Hit Send

Despite all of the recent hype about new marketing techniques that use SMS or social media, “classic” email marketing is by no means a thing of the past. In fact, email marketing still has an extremely high ROI of over $32 for every dollar spent, with the average now being around $42. Of course, such […]

The Shifting Face of SEO: How Google is Changing the Game for Digital Marketers

Let’s be honest here: Google is the best of all when it comes to SEO strategy. That’s because as the largest search engine in the world, Google has an opportunity to create and alter algorithms that help searchers find exactly what they’re looking for. And, to be the best of the best, Google is constantly […]

Local SEO: How to Design the Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Local Small Business

Small businesses sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to digital marketing strategy. Without the size of national corporations or the capital for huge marketing campaigns, it can feel like you’re relegated to old-fashioned marketing techniques to bring in a steady trickle of clients and customers. But before you give up […]

3 Examples of How to Get Social Media Marketing Very Wrong…

Ever had one of those days where your time and attention was taken up by meaningless things? We know what it’s like, for every email that matters, you get ten that don’t. And finally, to cap it all off we receive contacts like this. This LinkedIn connection request prompted this post – to help us […]

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