Content Creation Needs Delicate Curation

When it comes to careful content creation, you need an agency that understands a wide range of factors. How the content will read, is of course, vital, but that’s just the starting point.

You should also consider how your content will rank, particularly on the most important keywords for your business. If your content is good for your audience it should also be optimised to rank for SEO purposes.

Then, most importantly, you need to consider the outcomes, you don’t just want traffic, you want interest, ideally leads or orders. How is your site doing on that, and how is any new content creation delivering measurable value to your company?

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Examples Of Our Content Work

Content Gardenatics

Perfect Platform

What is there not to love about kids and garden play? The photos are great, settings wonderful and the structures are pretty awesome. But, to be honest, you can’t have photos of children included and then all the structures are based around the same ‘ingredients’.

So, you need to become storytellers, as tree houses and adventure play is about the joy and fun to be had by small and large adventurers as their ideas spark into life. It’s the story we tell!

Gripping Stuff

When you have a range of products that is not very ‘instagrammable’ then it’s easy to lose sight of why they matter and how to promote them effectively. Though these products are small and seemingly uninspiring, they are vitally important to the users.

They stop leaks and breakdowns, electrocution and pier collapse. They help machines function, and cars motor. In short, there is a lot to say, if you have imagination.

Content HCL Fasteners
Content Nautilus Sailing

On the Right Tack

It’s too easy to be carried away by the lifestyle and adventure of the Nautilus crew, from the Pacific to the Med, they deliver award-winning sailing experiences.

However, we are not helping them sell holidays, they sell skipper courses so that clients can sail their own yachts and catamarans. So the content is geared around this. It’s still beautiful, but it speaks to the right audience.

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