Digital Marketing Strategy – A Recipe for Success?

Building aDigital Marketing Strategy Ingredients successful digital marketing strategy is key to a successful online business and website. Simply doing a few of the “right” things won’t cut it in today’s competitive online marketing world.

One can liken it to having all the ingredients to make the best lasagne in the world, however if you do not follow the recipe, nor the right mix, then what has the potential to be a most amazing dish ultimately fails, and leaves you reaching for the take-away menu.

This is where Ergo Digital come in, although we are not Michelin star chefs, we are proven experts in setting up the right digital marketing strategies for successful businesses. We have access to our very own cookery book which helps put together successful digital marketing campaigns for any business. Having just one or two of the key ingredients of digital marketing isn’t going to deliver a return of investment, nor if you use the ingredients in the wrong order or fail to cook them in the right way.

In fact, it is a recipe of disaster if you attempt to do just a few of the things and do not use them ALL in combination with each other to maximise results and returns. Just like the cook in the kitchen,  you need to be prepared, capable and flexible.

The preparation for your digital marketing strategy is to ensure the ingredients are right. As with cooking, we have experience in all the key components to produce great results, including everything from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns to including the right mix of social media and content marketing to ensure that the plan in place will have the most impact and the very best ROI (Return on Investment).

The capabilities are also crucial to success. If you put a range of ingredients in front of someone who has never cooked before, then you’re not likely to see a meal worth eating at the end of it. Yet, that is exactly what Google does when it hands out Adwords vouchers – every business who uses the vouchers without any experience will waste their money. So, just as you wouldn’t pay money to eat a meal from a trainee chef, you need to work with people who know what they’re doing.

Flexibility is also key. The biggest hindrance to ongoing growth is the inability to develop the online marketing strategy as it is rolled out and built online. You can have all the feedback in the world you want, but if your site is not adaptable, or too expensive to improve, you can often be stuck with the same dish at your disposal – whether or not it tastes any good!

If you work with us we will put in place a realistic marketing strategy for your company. You will have access to all the components of a successful campaign. We don’t stop there, we monitor all channels and analyse results, find out what works best for your specific business and needs and alter any of the strategies to further the impact for you.

We understand digital marketing and most of all we listen to every individual business’ aims and goals.

So, if you want to serve something worth tucking into for your online customers, then give us the opportunity to be your first choice when it comes to your digital marketing strategy – we’ve got the experience to deliver the best recipe for success for you.