Effective Text Linking

One thing which is a constant surprise to us is that many websites don’t even do the simple stuff that well. This starts with the links in the page.

The first mistake is that there aren’t any. What is the point of writing content on a site which has no relevance to other areas of the site? Well, that’s easy to answer, so if there are pages which are relevant to what you’re writing, make sure you link to them within your body copy. Like point number 4 in this page: don’t finish on a whimper.

Text Links that Work

However, once you do get links in the page, make sure you:

  1. Make a link visible – if it doesn’t have an underline, then make it bright. Even if it does have an underline, make it a different colour. However, don’t also use underlining for non-links or you’ll confuse (exception is this sentence because you need to finish this page… )
  2. Make a link interesting – the laziest content writers use ‘read more’ (only surpassed by ‘more’) and ‘click here’ for link copy. You can be sure a link’s click through will double if it says the secret to creating content for your website, as opposed to more
  3. Make a link contain relevant words – for two reasons, this is a sensible approach: firstly, when the customer lands on the page, it will match with what is expected and secondly for search engines, they always appreciate relevant keywords being in a link in a page
  4. Place links in and at the end of your copy – what is the point of having several paragraphs of content which doesn’t encourage the visitor to delve further into your site? Particularly at the end of the page, you need to be sure that your reader doesn’t just give up… give them compelling reasons to move on.

So, we hope this helps you as you build your links into your pages. This is just one tiny ioto of what we could do for you to maximise your internet success with Ergo Digital.