The Case for Thinking Smart… Phones

Mobile BrowserWe think it must have happened sometime this year… a sudden realisation that after all the unnecessary wastage of effort (and marketing spend) on WAP and Apps – yes, you know who you are and are probably still feel the hurt – there is now a compelling case for looking at your site on the move.

We don’t mean looking at the screen whilst running around it, but thinking about mobile devices.

A Quick Test For You

So, if you want to measure immediately whether you should be thinking ‘Mobile’ then do these checks:

  1. How many site visitors are using mobile devices: if you have Google Analytics (or a similar service) installed on your website, you can check for yourself by going to Visitors / Mobile Devices. Here it will show you how many visits came from mobile devices and you can compare with your total volume. So, for example, in November 2010, this site had about 12% visits from mobile devices.
  2. Check out your site in a mobile device: ideally try a smartphone and, if you can get hold of one, a Tablet PC (/iPad). Take a look at your site, the chances are it’ll look pretty awful if you’ve not tried to make it mobile-compatible. Check the number of page impressions from mobile users, it will be less than your normal visitors, but if it’s under half, then you’re probably not connecting with your mobile audience
  3. Work out the ‘worth’ of a visit from a mobile device: multiply your revenues from normal visitors to your website by the number from mobile devices and assume a similar conversion success rate
  4. Work out the ‘lifetime’ value of your mobile site: assume that your mobile site will ‘last’ for four years before being replaced, so extrapolate your monthly income. Note this is a rough estimate, but even so, assume year on year 50% growth in revenues (as mobile visitors are growing rapidly)

Once you’ve taken all this into account, you will have an idea of the revenue you’re missing out on by not having a mobile-friendly website.

Next month, we’ll be discussing some different ways in which you can then promote to mobile devices … it’s not just Apps, but there are many other ways in which you can make it work for you.

If you’re interesting in help navigating a steady course, then talk to Ergo Digital. We’d be more than happy to listen and share some ideas. Until then, Merry Christmas!