Gamification – You Know The Score!

Yes, it’s another horrible made-up word… ‘Gamification’  which already has a Wikipedia page, and is likely, in due course to enter one or more English language dictionaries.

Level Up Epic WinWhy all the fuss?

Well, it’s the use of gaming mechanics to make boring bits of life more interesting (to paraphrase the 1,000+ words on Wikipedia). So, if like 99% of the population, you don’t like writing task lists, let alone actually doing the tasks – so, why not get EpicWin on your iPhone? Your tasks are now quests, and you win points and level up your Avatar as you complete tasks.

Ah, But Will it Catch On?

Ironically, it has already, you just haven’t spotted it yet. FourSquare already make a great line in making visiting places (however dull) interesting. Become a mayor, unlock a badge… and there are millions of users around the world ‘signing in’ when they visit places.

And all those automated posts onto your Facebook feed? Chances are they’re posted by these kinds of services – making virtual and real worlds more interesting by adding a layer of fun.

What’s the Next Move?

If you haven’t heard of Farmville, then you probably in the minority.  It’s the most popular game on Facebook. In a neat twist, it’s made the mundane out of a game. Stripped away all the fun and left you (and your farmer) with a load of chores to do. Guess what? It works. People love it and get hooked: must increase yield, must buy cow, etc.

So, if you’re thinking of applying gaming wisdom to make your business more effective, then talk to us, we’d love to help you level up your online activity. Because all the ‘games’ mentioned above are very, very, very serious businesses.