Social Media Marketing – Don’t be a Twitter!

Look, we’ll be the first to jump on any truck passing which could serve our clients better, particularly when it comes to the Internet.

In the Internet’s case, if you don’t get on the truck straight away you find it’s fuller than a bendy bus in rush hour… however, we have served ourselves a cease and desist order when it comes to ‘Social Media Marketing’ – quotes intentional.

Colin From the Fast ShowPut this into real-world context: if you’ve ever been at a drinks party and wanted to engage with a conversation, do you:
a)    Barge into the conversion, talk over people, relentlessly pursue your message, hand out some business cards and fliers and then exit without hearing what anyone else has to say, or do you
b)    Listen carefully, wait until you have something relevant to say, and then engage with the group in order to participate
If you can retain this picture, then you can understand better why so many marketing businesses are perplexed with social media – because social media marketing contradicts itself.

It is much better to consider Social Media as communications and PR than marketing. Once you think of it like this, then it all fits into place.

We’ll, of course, post this article to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn… and if you’re reading this and thinking – ‘hey, so what’s the answer’… then contact us and we’ll tell you: but it has to be based on who you are, what you want to say, whether there’s an audience and how creative you can be with the message.

Sad to say: there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. You may have been told that there is, but as of 7.57pm on Monday 9th November, we’ve just said that there isn’t…