Why Does Your Site Not Convert?

Electricity ConverterFor virtually every business with a website in the world, the one measure which makes the most immediate and substantial change to their fortunes is their website conversion rate.

Yet few businesses spend much attention on improving conversion rates through optimisation of their website and therefore they lose the one single area where they could generate an immediate improvement to their profitability.

So, here are some simple tips to get started on… things you can take away with you and evaluate your website:

1. Fewer Words, Bigger Messages

People don’t read long sentences and paragraphs. Or even long words. Keep the text short and make sure what you’re saying SELLS. Good copy is worth every penny. And PLEASE don’t write it yourself, unless you’re a copywriter!

2. Measure Impact

Don’t trust your instincts! If you make changes then use analytics to ensure you know that changes have a positive effect. Visitors don’t always do what you expect them to do, and changes often have unexpected knock on effects. If you are changing a really critical page, then consider performing an ‘A/B’ test – to compare your current page with your proposed page.

3. Use Landing Pages

Got a specific campaign going? Then make sure you have a landing page which covers this particular offer / promotion. Don’t expect website visitors to like ‘re-finding’ offers when they land on your homepage. If its not obvious, then they’ll move on.

4. Don’t Finish on a Whimper

The end of a page is a crucial point. If you don’t finish with a call to action, or an invitation to continue reading / browsing… then don’t be surprised if the visitor finishes with your site. Draw people in.

5. Chase the Ambulance

OK – not literally, but if there is something interesting and relevant happening in the news or your business sector – respond positively to it. You can raise awareness quickly… act on the activity you see around you!

Useful stuff, I hope. If you’re looking seriously at your website, then I’d recommend talking to us. We’re experts in driving traffic and getting results. Sure you can optimise your website yourself – but we’d probably do it better, and get to the best solution more quickly. [Call to Action]

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