Discovering Your Online Business KPIs for Marketing Optimisation

Online Marketing Business KPIs If we were to make two wagers with visitors to this blog, we’d suggest these two things:

  1. You have measurements in place of virtually every activity you do online, yet
  2. You are still struggling to discover which ones really make a difference

And that’s the challenge: It’s not about the data – it’s all there if you want it. Everything is to hand, BUT the more hay in the stack, the harder it is finding the needle!

Big Data is exactly that: big, ugly, unforgiving and frustrating. So, how can you slice through the fog? How can you discover your online business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)?

Last month we covered some important digital marketing KPIs and examples of businesses who’ve got it wrong. Today we’re going to look at how you can find them.

Living in the Real World

We find real world analogies useful when discussing online for two reasons. Firstly, because when we can picture things in our mind’s eye, it becomes easier to make sense of it, and secondly Continue reading “Discovering Your Online Business KPIs for Marketing Optimisation”

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