The Shifting Face of SEO: How Google is Changing the Game for Digital Marketers

Let’s be honest here: Google is the best of all when it comes to SEO strategy. That’s because as the largest search engine in the world, Google has an opportunity to create and alter algorithms that help searchers find exactly what they’re looking for.

And, to be the best of the best, Google is constantly altering the SEO landscape to focus results squarely on relevance. After all, can you imagine the mass exodus that would occur if Google started giving users false or irrelevant results? By educating yourself in the complicated ways that Google has been changing the game for the last year, you can better structure your strategy to ensure that your digital marketing tactics rank high on Google searches.

It’s All Semantics Now

semantic web crossword symbolA fairly new development in Google searches, the search engine giant has created a way to scour the Web and find the most relevant sites for any query. Semantic SEO was developed after the latest Hummingbird update to the Google algorithm. It gives Google the ability to rank websites not only on their keywords, but also relevant terms to that keyword.

Instead of just returning hits for couches when someone searches for a new sofa, the algorithm can also return searches for interior design, living rooms and other relevant keywords. Therefore, SEO marketers should focus less on one keyword, but several relevant keywords across all platforms to increase ranking chances.

News and Reviews

Reviews have become more and more popular online. Whether it’s looking to see how other diners have rated a restaurant or making sure that an online store is legit, consumers are smarter about where they put their dollars. Google has recognized the substance of online reviews and will soon be adding them to search results.

At a glance, customers can see your rating and what other customers are saying about you, so it may make more sense to shift focus and work on getting the best reviews in 2014. Increasing customer service and frequenting review sites can help you address concerns and make sure you have an excellent online reputation.

Keyword Encryption

Where you could once log into your site stats and see exactly which terms users utilized to find your website, Google is changing the game with keyword encryption on all search activity except for click-on advertisements. By encrypting keywords, it’s more difficult identify keywords to stuff into your content to rank higher. Still, keep in mind that Bing and Yahoo don’t encrypt just yet, so you won’t be flying totally blind.

And, if you really want to know how users are getting to your site, check out your landing pages: It should give a good idea on which topics garner the most hits. Moving forward, your content and SEO strategy should be more about quality than quantity. By creating quality content, you’ll enjoy traffic no matter what the keyword.

Change is Good

Old way or new way? Change is goodKeep in mind that Google holds most of the cards. With near-constant changes and updates to algorithms, you may need a qualified SEO agency to help you navigate your way through digital marketing strategy. Still, Google ranks based upon quality and relevance, so making sure that you offer the best possible content means you won’t be deeply affected by changes and updates.

The world of SEO and content marketing can be confusing at times, especially when you’re catering to Google’s changes. But the updates are really to your benefit, as they help users more effectively pinpoint exactly what they’re looking for online.

By maximizing your digital marketing strategy and covering content, SEO and keyword bases, you can enjoy a high Google rating no matter what.

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