Why You Need a Mobile Website

If you’re an online business and you have a reasonable active website (say 100+ visitors a day), then it’s about time you planned for (or fast-tracked) a mobile website.

There is a trend happening at the moment across every single website we manage for clients – the proportion of mobile visitors to the site is doubling year on year. Currently most of our client sites are averaging between 10 and 15% of mobile visitors. This is up from about 6% this time last year.

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6 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2012

Happy New Year from all at Ergo Digital. 2011 was quite eventful for us: from speaking at Wembley Stadium, to launching many successful websites, to sending more emails than ever before (for our clients, of course)… it’s been a year of growth.

As we look ahead, we’ve spotted six things that anyone involved in digital marketing should take note of… here goes: Continue reading “6 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2012”

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